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Software Solutions

Miami Smart Tech Inc, offers complete range of end-to-end IT consulting services that are designed to fulfill the needs of businesses of every size, and offers a wide range of  mobile applications development for all kind of business. This is a place where companies can publish them self with our great Apps.


Cellphone & Computer Repairs

Miami Smart Tech is a leader in professional same-day electronics repairs - including iPhone, Samsung, Computer, Macs, iPads and other tablet and cell phones. Our professionally trained and certified technicians provide fast and affordable iPhone repairs, cell phone screen replacements and all fixes for PCs, Macs and tablets.  we have more than a decade of experience diagnosing and fixing everything from Samsung repairs to iPad screen replacements.

Biometric Solutions

We are able to provide a range of biometric  access control systems from a single door system to a multi-door networked PC based system .

Smart Phones Accessories

Cellular Supplies inc. (Cell 441) is a wholesale group is the one stop online mall for all your retail and wholesale business needs. Shop wholesale from our large selections of over 15,000+ unique accessories and products.

Security Solutions

Miami Smart Tech Inc, always kept its focus on providing cutting edge video surveillance systems to financial, commercial and governmental sectors

Network Switching

Products Create the Internet solutions that make networks possible, providing easy access to information anywhere, at any time From wireless routers and switches  to network storage and servers, Link systems  supply the full range of Cisco & Linksys product

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